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  > Hmm, that's not the behavior I see at all. For me, `factor` appears to be 1 
with not running a HiDPi scale factor, so I get an actual size that's 
essentially equal to the number it's multiplied by. (e.g. `return 
QSize(1024*factor, 700*factor)` yields window content that's actually 1024x700 
). If I run with `QT_SCALE_FACTOR=1.3 systemsettings5`, everything is scaled 
perfectly. Do you have some wonky DPI settings on your test box or something?
  While wonky things do frequently happen when I'm around, this doesn't seem to 
be the case. KInfoCenter reports a 96x96DPI display. I can't guarantee this is 
the highest-grade display on the market, though.
  F5809984: Screenshot_20180416_142747.png 
  I'll leave it at 700 rather than hack away at some weird workaround.

  R124 System Settings


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