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  I've cleaned this up/out now. About half or so got reassigned to either 
systemsettings:kcm_formats or frameworks-sonnet. Some got closed as FIXED and 
WORKSFORME. There's a bunch left. 2-3 have a point (e.g. the the language 
names), the rest is weird stuff.
  Re saving: The part of saving that was broken is writing the list to the rc 
file so that the next time the KCM opens it shows the selection. But the env 
vars startkde sources did get written. So applying the settings worked but UI 
state was borked. At least I think so, because I copied over the rc saving part 
and it didn't work until I fixed it up. It seemed like KDE 4 code - it was 
passing KConfig the option to write to kdeglobals, when there's a seperate 
plasma-localerc now.

  R119 Plasma Desktop


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