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  > Hi Scott, thanks for the help!
  >  If you can apply the patch, we could see if you have the same behavior 
than Nate with his hardware: when setting a very low value (for him, it's in 
the range 1 to 5) to /sys/class/backlight/<hardware>/brightness his screen does 
not turn on at all. I would like to know if 
/sys/class/backlight/<hardware>/actual_brightness is then saying something 
different than /sys/class/backlight/<your hardware>/brightness.
  >  On my computer the backlight goes on as soon as I put 1 to 
/sys/class/backlight/<hardware>/brightness, so I cannot reproduce this.
  >  I hope I'm clear enough :)
  Makes sense. I'll get it patched and repost in a couple of hours.
  FYI: this where a remote control app like NoMachine comes in handy - you can 
issue commands on your tablet (or phone!) and watch what happens on the big 

  R122 Powerdevil


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