Hello Ma’am/Sir,

Hope you are doing well.

We are a *translation company* with immense experience in the translation
business *since 2011*.

In today’s world, every firm, whether small or large, wishes for a global
expansion. But, not all firms succeed in this.

Poor translation of documents is one of the reasons for failure in global
expansion. Hence, being a reputed name in the translation industry, we help
such companies, by providing authentic translation into ‘n’ number of
languages and dialects.

*Specialization:*  We offer translation services in more than 50 languages
like* Swiss, Khmer, Chinese, Bulgarian, Arabic, Spanish, Latvian, Albanian,
Arabic, Hungarian, Taiwanese, Estonian, French, Belarusian, Mongolian,
Pashto and regional Languages*.

*We deal in: *Medical Translation, Marketing Material Translation, Academic
Translation, Book Translation, Financial Translation, Technical
Translation, Legal Translation, E-learning course translation, Website and
Software Localization.

*Major clientele:* BHEL, ELIC, Fluor, SBT, Small Town, Seltzer, Emerson,
ZOZO, NIIT,  MEED, BHEL, Siemens Ltd, PNG,  Agog Cat, Solar Port.

*If you are interested, please share your requirements with us.*

We’ll be happy to hear from you!!

*Warm Regards,*

*Priya rawat*

*Team -Tr & In*

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