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> >>     Rel 6; make sure we don't include expired certs
> > 
> > Unfortunately ix86 `date` doesn't know y2038+...
> > 
> > | date: invalid date 'Oct 25 08:25:55 2043 GMT'
> > 
> > 
> Jan, what was the reason behind  --disable-year2038 in coreutils?
> Enabling that and date on ix86 parses such date correctly (with
> coreutils 9.0).

The primary effect of y2038 handling is change of time_t from 32bit to
64bit which breaks abi compatibility with external libraries that were
not compiled with y2038. If there's any library call that involves
time_t either directly (argument/return value) or indirectly (member of
publicly defined struct) then it will cause incorrect results if caller
and callee use different time_t size. That's exactly what happened in
wget interacting with libmetalink:


whether any such situation is possible in coreutils -- don't know, but
to be on the safe side I prefer to disable it for the time being.
Especially that y2038 handling is still a moving target. ie even if you
don't use y2038 glibc requires you to be aware of internal mechanisms to
handle it in order to use api correctly:


I would say y2038 is either all or nothing. At some point we'd need
rebuild everything with 64bit time_t (and keep our fingers crossed that
abi breakages do not happen too often on builders during the process of
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