On Fri, 29 Oct 2021, Elan Ruusamäe wrote:

> On 29.10.2021 00:04, Jan Rękorajski wrote:
> > Does anyone know how to update vendored crates in a rust package?
> >
> > The problem is that only the latest and greates rust openssl crate
> > supports openssl 3.0.0, but libetebase and sccache list an old version.
> >
> > I tried to change the versions in Cargo.lock but it gets confused about
> > checksums and dependencies. Removing checksum entries seem to move
> > things forward but does not pull other, intermediate deps.
> >
> > Is there way to make that pull all the right crates automagically?
> can you point to specific package, and/or your previous attempts (push 
> as branch perhaps)

See above, libetebase and sccache

And pushing to branch is not going to work because it breaks at
vendoring crates.

Edit Cargo.lock and update openssl and openssl-sys versions, try
`cargo vandor` and watch it fail.

I'll try to solve it a different way, let's see if making rust-openssl
as a separate package will work.

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