On 18.08.2021 22:34, Jan Rękorajski wrote:
> New builds of qt4 on i686 exhibit crashes (ex. linguist in avogadro), or
> infinite looping (ex. meinproc4 in kde4-kig).
> I'm running out of ideas[1] and time to troubleshoot this and would
> appreciate if anyone would be willing to try and figure out WTF is
> broken there.
> [1] neither -O0, nor -std=gnu98 seem to do the trick, it could be a
> glibc 2.34 issue, but I don't have resources at hand to validate it.

Looks like kde4-kig is causing issues again. Could someone check what's
the binary name that's hanging and kill it? Perhaps it's something that
needs a rebuild with workaround since avogadro built just fine.
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