On 1.07.2022 19:22, Peri Noid wrote:

Dnia piatek, 1 lipca 2022 14:31:04 CEST Andrzej Zawadzki pisze:

OK Qt5 was to fresh. I found in logs:

*plasmashell[2012]: Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (5.15.4) with this
library (5.15.5)*

Hmm, rebuild is needed?

I did a full downgrade of Qt5 to 5.15.4 and it works - so yes, the problem is
somewhere there. We're still missing some of Qt5 packets in thre 5.15.5
version to be able to upgrade everything to this version. At least now.


   Qt 5.15.6 - similar problem. For example kwallet doesn't work with

   Downgrade help, so looks like after Qt upgrade rebuild off all kde5
   packages will help.


   Andrzej Zawadzki
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