On 16.08.2022 20:31, Jakub Bogusz wrote:
> In glibc 2.36 build debuginfo extraction process removes .note.GNU-stack
> section:


> For now only i686 builds are affected because x86_64 and x32 glibc-devel 
> packages
> haven't been updated on builders.
> Any guesses what changed?

I believe to be responsible for this, specifically with this debugedit

commit bd392272c04d608257eb999670d85261d5125d93
Author: Jan Palus <at...@pld-linux.org>
Date:   Tue Jun 7 11:39:01 2022

    bring back patch from rpm 4.16 for no exe bit when searching debuginfo; rel 

which now considers non-executable object file matching pattern
found in `find-debuginfo`: ^\(.*\):[   ]*.*ELF.*, not stripped.*

Which in turn causes object file to be passed to `eu-strip` directly
responsible for stripping .note.GNU-stack section.

Fix proposals:

1. modify `find-debuginfo` pattern to include ELF.*\(executable\|shared object\)
2. modify macros to invoke `find-debuginfo` with `--keep-section 
3. both 1 and 2

Comments welcome.
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