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> Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2016 2:15 AM
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> On 2016-11-30 13:57-0000 Arjen Markus wrote:
> > By the looks of the first part of the output it has done the trick
> indeed :). No compiler errors or warnings according to ctest.
> Hi Arjen:
> I was very happy to see your clean dashboard (aside from some spurious warning
> counts for the configuration stage) at
> <http://my.cdash.org/index.php?project=PLplot_git>.
> I did take a quick look at the cmake output that is published there.
> In particular, these notices are all OFF for your Cygwin platform while mine 
> are ON
> on Linux:
> ENABLE_ocaml:OFF
> ENABLE_octave:OFF
> _______________________
> ENABLE_pyqt4:OFF
> The ones above the line we have discussed before. You have been forced to set
> ENABLE_ada:OFF due to our own problem with Ada language support on Windows.
> The D, Java, and OCaml issues are due to missing software on Cygwin, i.e., the
> gdc.exe D compiler, some Java environment (e.g., gcj.exe, gij,exe, and other 
> java
> friends), camlidl.exe (the rest of ocaml support is available), and 
> octave.exe.  I
> suggest you make appropriate packaging requests on the Cygwin mailing list to 
> see
> if anybody is willing to do thatrequired packaging work.
> I am pretty sure you have dealt with the ones below the line before, i.e., 
> those are
> regressions from your previous results from running 
> scripts/comprehensive_test.sh.
The tk and itk components were not enabled by CMake because there was no X 
server running. I am not sure about the PyQt4 component. But when I tried to do 
it via the comprehensive test script, I got compilation errors - see the 
attached tarball.



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