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> Subject: [Plplot-general] Real time plotting is possible?
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> Hi guys, I am currently interested in doing some real time plotting with
> plplot. My work does not require that, however it will be really helpful to
> see the data being plotted at the same time while being acquired.
> I am using C and GTK, I suppose the option is not available as default and
> maybe I need some workarounds. Can this be done erasing and remaking the
> plot again and again?. How costly this can be in terms of efficiency?. I am
> plotting 2D data sets (flow velocity, angular velocity, mechanical power,
> etc), the longer test will take maybe 5 minutes and maybe the smaller
> resolution will be .01 seconds.

Apologies for the delay in responding.

I would look at Example 17, the stripchart demo to see if something like 
that might work for you. Otherwise I think you'd just have to try your 
use case and see if it can be done fast enough. There is a function 
called plclear() that you can use to clear the plot so that you don't 
have to remake everything.


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