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[Hazen asked]
>> We have been trying to maintain a linear history with git following
the process explained in the README.developers file. I think that the
fork and pull-request system would break this?

> Not necessarily, you can ask people submitting a PR that they rebase
against master. You can even enforce as a required check before
merging that new branches are up to date with the latest changes in


Keeping both a github and SF repository adds quite a bit of work so I
think what we are really discussing is whether we want to move
completely to github.  But that move is a lot of work as well. I (as
current de facto maintainer of our official git repository at
SourceForge) would not want to do such work.  However, if someone else
wanted to take up the responsibility of maintaining our official git
repository, I would be happy to hand over that responsibility. 
Furthermore, if they decided it would be a good idea to move to
github, I would not get in the way of such a move so long as such a
move did not dictate our git workflow and our git history (currently
stretching back to the early 90's) was preserved.  More later about our workflow
under a different subject line....

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