This is either a feature request or "RTFM"-bait.  I'm trying to figure out
if PLplot can do the following two things:

(1) Logarithmic ticks on an axis, but only labeling every Nth decade (when
your Y axis goes from 10^-60 to 10^-20, you don't want every single decade
to have a number next to it!)

(2) Moving tick mark numbers towards/away from the axis they're associated
with.  It looks like PLplot can do this with the axis labels, using the
plmtex command.  Is there no way to do this with the numbers associated
with major tick marks?

I know both of these could be done by hand with sufficient usage of the
plmtex command (or rather, I know how to do it in PGPLOT, which I'm
currently stuck using for legacy reasons).  But then I am individually
labeling each major tick on the axis, and placing them all independently.
I would rather not have 20 extra "annotation" blocks in my plotting scripts
if it's avoidable, not to mention the time spent making sure each number is
correctly positioned.

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