I was sitting here considering how one names drives. I did it once but it
was at least a year ago and my memory is bad (at it's best). And so I was
going to google 'name filesystem' or something like that when that little
voice inside my head cried out 'label'. So I opened a terminal and 'apropos
label' and discovered that little voice inside my head can sometimes be

Anyways, there are a few options I could use. I still want to retain msdos
properties so I can switch it between machines and..... wait! This is for
my backup drive on a 64gig sd card. So I can make it a linux filesystem!
So then:

first make a partition on the device with cfdisk (ref linux fromscratch)

     mkfs.ext2 <device> -L<name>

Do I need to do anything else because of the size of the card?
Should I do a different filesystem type?

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