Incorrect, I have done this with Ubuntu. It requires you to turn over the
initial boot records to windows and use an application like EasyBCD to
manage them. but it provides full bitlocker compatibility with Linux.

See method 3 from this post for a baseline.

I have done this with windows 7, Have not tried it with windows 10.

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 4:41 PM, Nathan England <> wrote:

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> I asked my IT department a question today and may have opened pandora's
> box.
> I've been allowed to run Fedora on my company laptop for a couple of
> years now. I am using a personal hard drive for Fedora that way if I
> needed to I could put the original Windows drive back in and access what
> ever I needed.
> I haven't used my Windows drive in over a year now and it's causing some
> issues with corporate AD and the anti-virus. So I requested installing
> windows in a VirtualBox and having corporate IT join it to the domain,
> install av, office suite, and the other stuff I may need but likely
> never will use, and then I can easily boot it once a week to keep my av
> up to date.
> The response was that our insurance requires the use of Bitlocker.
> Full stop...
> Their potential solution is to partition the drive to have Windows and
> Linux but both be encrypted with Bitlocker so they could access the
> drive contents should I ever leave or die or what ever...
> I realize encrypting the linux partition with bitlocker is not likely
> ever going to happen (right?) but are there corporate linux systems that
> allow IT access to encrypted volumes like Bitlocker and AD?
> I feel dirty even asking this. Doesn't this defeat the entire purpose of
> encryption to begin with? ugh... I guess it makes sense, but it sounds
> like inferior by design.
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