Hi, Keith.

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking for.  But implementing DMARC (with SPF 
and DKIM, of course) is a pretty straightforward process.  Are you only talking 
about deciphering the DMARC reports that mail services send?  Because even that 
isn’t a huge deal.

I’ve written a script before that parses the XML reports, pulls out the failure 
reports and presents the information in an easier to digest format.  (Script I 
wrote was in PowerShell, but I reckon it wouldn’t be difficult to do in any 
language of preference.)  Can’t imagine you’d actually need to hire someone 
specifically for this task; there’s not really that much to it.


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Hey I have been tasked with configuring dmarc.  I only have a vague idea what 
it does and that boils down to stopping fraudulent emails.  I receive 2 or 3 
reports a day and lack the time and understanding to decipher them.

It is my understanding there are "experts" and "software" that can help.

Anyone know of an expert?  If so I would like to talk with them about 
potentially being hired to do this project.

Thank you so much in advance!!

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