On 2018-03-01 17:47, Richard Wilson wrote:
On SouthPole, if the screen resolution doesn't come up as 1280x1024,
then as root 
use xrandr to get the display name:

xrandr should be usable by whoever's running the current X session. At least, I've never needed root to use xrandr.

[snip stuff that sounds correct and will probably work]
More recently I am also using a TV as a monitor -- I had to jump
through some hoops to disable overscanning on the HDMI port

"xrandr --output HDMI-1 --set underscan on" should work. The man page doesn't totally make that clear, but that's what worked for me. Confusingly enough, you can usually set one of a TV's HDMI inputs to something like "PC mode" where it'll expect input without overscan. This causes trouble if you plug other HDMI sources into that port, since many/most of these output overscanned video by default.

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