Yes Gaurav, I have been using it for close to two years. I love Arch. And 
Manjaro is just Arch made fool-proof. It has everything that Arch gives, and 
more. They don't roll out updates for packages as frequently as Arch, because 
do a little more stability testing. They gave me all the good of Arch, with a 
little more stability and easy installations. You can also get the arch-like 
NET-Edition installer which doesn't have any pre-installed applications/Windows 

All the solutions on Arch forum work for it as well.

Anshul Chauhan

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Hello Everyone,

While browsing came across this distribution of  Linux called the
"Manjaro". It is base of "Arch".

The history says that it was first releases on  July 10, 2011; 5 years
ago (2011-07-10).

Claims are that it is fast, stable better etc.

Has anyone tried using the same, if so could you update on the same.

Gaurav (AKA Dexter) Pant
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