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>> Then you can save yourself the hassles of finding a compatible
>> ADSL/WiFi device with Tata Indicom (TI).
>> Simply connect a WiFi AP from it's LAN port to one of the RJ45 ports
>> on the TI's modem/gateway and get the mobility you are looking for.
>> In fact, I had a modem/gateway with a WiFi AP built in but opted for
>> an external WiFi AP that ran on openWRT.
> This is good idea.. When I change my ISP I will not have to change the
> router.

Absolutely,  You are not tied to any Internet provider.

> Most of the ISP other than TI are using routers with RJ45 input..

It depends on the technology the ISP uses.  From what I have seen --
with DSL over telephone copper + splitter (TI, MTNL, BSNL etc.), it
will be RJ11 coming in to the modem with RJ45 + optional WiFI on the
LAN side.   Cable Internet providers will have the TV cable coming in
to the device with RJ45 for the LAN  side.  The local "hack" Internet
providers will pull in RJ45 LAN cable into your premises and give you
a standard WiFi AP wherein the "WAN" port is where they plug in their
RJ45 cable.

-- Arun Khan
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