On Sun, 6 Aug 2017, Joe Shisei Niski wrote:

> It seems that once upon a time (circa version 4 or so), LO Writer
> supported so-called curly or "smart" quotes,


   My experience is that this form of quotation mark is typeface-dependent.
Not all typefaces support them or true small caps or true Italic fonts
(rather than slanted.) Try selecting a different typeface ("font") in LO and
see if that supplies them.

> My use is for non-technical college papers and business correspondence, so
> Tex- based tools area bit of overkil.

   I'll disagree with this. Have you used LyX <http://www.lyx.org/>? The
KOMA-script article, report, book, and letter2 classes provide great
defaults and you can select your default body text typeface to one that
provides curly quotes.

   If you compare a typeset page with a processed word page of the same
content, typeface and font (e.g., 10pt Roman) you'll notice the differences
immediately. You might not identify why they look different but the typeset
page looks like any professional document rather than a word processed one.
The subtle differences affect how readers respond to what they read:

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