I am great fan of HP printers and multifunction devices - because they
just work on Linux (with some rare exceptions).
My current one HP 8600, in the past: HP 3510, HP 1505N, .....
Generally, it just prints and also scans with some minor love.
I have also owned Epson C88 (I think) - the printer worked just fine in
Linux - it wasted as much ink as the HP printers, but it would not work
with EU bought ink - which was major pain.
Just look up the printer in CUPS list before buying it - it is trivial
to carry the list in the smart-phone avoiding two trips to store.
If fact, I would not hesitate returning the printer if it would not
work with Linux - it is their problem to solve if they do not bother to
write a statement for Linux users on the box.
I do not expect much from a printer these days 50-100 pages a year -
hence my bias - some years are 3x depending on moves/relocation
WARNING: Customary rant about printers
I hope that I am not starting something bigger by expressing my
 - there is not such thing as cheap inkjet printer these days due to
ink cost coupled with regular head cleaning cycles.
 - I do not print a lot - there have been couple instances that I have
printed about 20-30 pages per 4x cartridge set due to time passage and
regular cleaning cycles.
 - My wife prints a lot (work related) and went trough $150 ink per
month in her cheap ~$60 HP printer. We got expensive, enterprise
printer with low per page cost to fix that.
 - Without calculating it - owning reliably functioning inkjet printer
can costs as much as $80 per year in ink printed or wasted.
On Sat, 2017-08-12 at 14:19 -0700, Dave wrote:
> I'm looking to buy a a small cheap inkjet printer to dedicate to a 
> Raspberry Pi. USB connect, no multipurpose, and actually has a driver
> in 
> the CUPS list. Ideas appreciated.
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