After noticing a disturbing lack of stock on the ENU,Inc website a few
weeks ago, I happened to be in the neighborhood of the 122nd store
(while dropping off plastic at the Far West Fiber), and stopped to
check.  There was a sign on the door saying their last day is August 18,
and a short note:


  ENU is sad to announce that we are going out of business.  We would
  like to thank our loyal customers for shopping with us for the last 23
  years.  Our doors will remain open until current stock is depleted.
  Please check our website for the items we still have in stock.  Please
  note that stock is limited, so call or e-mail before you come in.
  Again, thank you for your loyal patronage.

ENU, while still an annoying 15-20 minute drive from my house, has been
my go-to source for emergency computer parts (particularly hard disks)
for the last couple decades.  I am sad to see them go.

Does anyone have favorite, local alternatives that aren't Fry's and Best Buy?


Russell Senior, President
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