Who is "they"?

Google's YouTube? or some place that linked the YouTube videos?  What
is the evidence of "publishing his email address"?

Anyway, you can be pretty sure that NSA is snorkeling up all your
bits. Don't imagine you do anything online that's completely private.

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 3:48 PM, Richard Owlett <rowl...@cloud85.net> wrote:
> Called my brother to wish him a "Happy Birthday".
> As I'm the geek sibling, he asked a geek type question.
> He has been viewing youtube(sp?) videos.
> He suspects they have been publishing his email address.
> He objects.
> I asked about contact info in the "privacy" statement - he found none.
> I have no expertise as I avoid Facebook, twitter etc as the plague they are.
> For unknown reasons he dose not wish to complain to local Better Business
> Bureau or the state Attorney General.
> At the minimum, "What questions should I be asking him?"
> I'm using BCC (blind carbon copy) to inform him on how I'm attempting to ask
> questions that will elicit useful input.
> For my brother's benefit, this thread is view-able at
>  starthttp://lists.pdxlinux.org/pipermail/plug/2018-February/thread
> My brother has privacy concerns which I wish to respect.
> I wish him to be able to access the responses I get.
> If anyone can suggest how I could better handle this -- public or private
> responses requested.
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