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If anyone can suggest how I could better handle this -- public or
private responses requested.

I'd tell you brother to start here => https://mic.com/articles/62163/6-things-you-need-to-know-so-your-private-youtube-videos-don-t-end-up-on-google#.CLRknPVQj

"Click on your avatar and select*YouTube Settings*On the next screen, click on*Privacy*at the top left

On this screen you’re able to set up and check your account privacy settings. Under “Likes and Subscriptions,” you can check the box to make sure any videos you like and any channels you subscribe to stay private and confidential. Under “Search and Contacts,” you can control who can contact you, share your videos, and find you by email address."

I saw a link to another article about how people who have YouTube channels can capture email addresses of subscribers. Maybe that's what's happening here.

Then if that's not what's going on, I'd have him contact YouTube directly about his specific privacy concerns. https://www.youtube.com/static?template=privacy_guidelines

But generally these days, you'd have to invest some serious time and energy to have any degree of privacy on the internet. I aim for anonymity and obfuscation with the smallest time & energy investment.

Also, you can use YouTube anonymously. You don't have to have an account to watch videos. If he wants all the "features" of YouTube he can create an alternate email address for his account. There are plenty of fee throw away / single use email addresses to be had on the Internet.

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