Determine your requirements.  Look at how you intend to use the computer.   Are 
you a gamer, bitcoin miner, or just general Internet browsing and email?  The 
gamers always want the latest, hottest of everything.   Mining bitcoins has its 
own requirements.  If you have a specific application that you intend to use, 
look to see the application or vendor has requirements    Even if all you do is 
browse the Internet and read email, memory will make a difference.  Find out if 
you can add memory later or not. 

I got bite last year going to a workshop.  The vendor said their app would work 
with 8 GB RAM, but did better at 16 GB.  Well, the app can't do much with only 
8 GB RAM.  It would run, just barely, on my old Mac.

A friend bought a System76 last year for general type usage.  He has been happy 
with it.

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On 2018-02-01 18:10, John Jason Jordan wrote:
> First, let me make it clear that when it comes to CPUs, motherboards 
> and RAM I am hopelessly out of date. I was out of date four years ago 
> when I bought my laptop - I just selected component options based on 
> the price. I had no idea what any of the features of the CPU actually 
> did.
> I need a really, really dumbed down explanation, dumber than I have 
> found on the net.

Go to System76 and see what they provision in their Wild Dog and Leopard 
desktops. Use that as a starting guide. Remember that the lowest cost CPU + 
Lots of RAM will outperform the highest cost CPU + Minimal RAM for most use 

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