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>One more thing comes to my mind, if you run out of ideas. Try to keep
>domain names same between the NAS and hosts, if you set them up. If you
>didn't, check them, new distros can have different defaults.

Everything on my network is 192.168.1.x. 

The router is:
        D-Link DIR-860L B1
        Firmware Version        LEDE Reboot SNAPSHOT r3761-6bada71e51 /
                LuCI Master (git-17.074.58473-ea801ada7) 
        Kernel Version  4.4.53

My laptop is named Devil-Bonobo and has two IP addresses:
(for ethernet) and 192.168.136 (for wifi). My old desktop was Devil-10
and was I chose those numbers because if I could
remember any of them I could remember all of them. I set these numbers
in the router based on the MAC addresses of the computers. And the
Synology is 

When I first booted the new desktop there was no setting for it in the
router, so it assigned it At the time I had not yet
realized the problem I would have with the Synology, so I went into the
router and set it to Now I realize that it needs to be
-146, but there is another problem: In spite of being set to -156 in
the router, every time I reboot the new desktop the router assigns it
-107. I need someone with router exorcism powers to get rid of -107.
And then I need to figure out how to set it to -146, because there are
a bewildering and confusing number of displays in the router
administration that apparently I am not setting up correctly. 

It might be easier to do this from the command line if I had a clue
what commands to use. At least I need to figure out how to force the
router to reboot and reassign numbers to connected devices.
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