Again a big thank you too all of you who have given me all of this great

I am going to give the i5 a try along with upgrading the HD to a SSD. (I had
planned that all along) I am also going to go from 8g to 16g of RAM.

So any particular recommendation regarding the i5 CPU?

I see all kinds of them out there I am looking at LGA 1155 base, and of
of the higher clock speed.  What say y'all?

On Sun, Mar 4, 2018 at 3:19 PM, Chuck Hast <> wrote:

> Windows?? In a VM when necessary.
> All of my machines are running Linux, all of them are Ubuntu Mate 16.04.
> I do use Compiz. But it does not seem to load things that bad, I got used
> to
> the cube a long time ago, so I will have several things running at the same
> time on each desktop (face of the cube)
> Usually the two biggest loaders are LibreOffice and the web browser when I
> have a whole bunch of tabs open and some of them have pretty dynamic
> content which eats up memory and cpu. Another one that can eat up speed
> is Gimp.
> As far as monitoring things I have Gkrellm running on one side of the
> screen,
> and if something seems to be really messing things up I open up a console
> and look at things with htop.
> I think that the biggest issue is with Chrome, it seems to be the one that
> will
> get into trouble with some web pages that all of a sudden cause a peak in
> CPU demand.
> I can go to one of the laptops both of which are running i7 and do the same
> thing, net result is the barrel through with no issues,
> I am going to get an i5, I have already planned on a SSD for the machine so
> I will just get the i5 and put it in. Move it all to the new SSD and see
> what
> happens.
> On the laptops the SSD loads so fast that the usual screen loads of boot
> screens go by so fast that at times they are not even seen. At times I get
> a glimpse of text going by so fast on the screen that is is just a blur.
> So I
> know that I have to at least get to that point.
> I think I have enough solid info to point me in the direction of the i5
> and SSD,
> that should get me in better shape. I will also bring the memory up to
> 16g.
> I find it a challenge to make older equipment continue to do a good job,
> in this
> case I see no reason to replace the whole machine when perhaps some simple
> upgrades will do the job.  And I can keep some stuff in service and out of
> the
> recycler or hardware dump.
> Again thank you all for the great info. I am open to any other
> observations or
> ideas so keep them coming.
> Miss the NW but do we have some great skies here in "fly over country".
> On Sun, Mar 4, 2018 at 10:28 AM, Ken Eshelby <> wrote:
>> I suspect the i5 and especially the SSD will be a solid upgrade.
>> If you haven't, getting a handle on what is loading the processor is
>> worthwhile. If you are using Windows (oh the irony on this list) they tend
>> to load up over time and some judicious use of process explorer and
>> msconfig goes a long ways.
>> I run inert desktop wallpaper overlays to show cpu/memory over time and
>> topX apps by cpu and memory to keep an eye on what's normal. Conky on
>> linux
>> (, and rainmeter with a jumble of skins
>> approximates this on Windows.
>> On Sat, Mar 3, 2018 at 3:15 AM, Chuck Hast <> wrote:
>> > I have 8G of memory, it normally runs anywhere from 2-6G free. But I
>> see a
>> > lot
>> > of things cause the processor load to hit the roof and set there for a
>> > while, that
>> > is why I am looking for something faster. But at times it will go down
>> to
>> > less than
>> > 1G available (when I have a lot of tabs open on the web browser, or I am
>> > running
>> > a VM)
>> >
>> >
>> >
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Todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece.
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