On Sun, 11 Mar 2018, Jim Garrison wrote:

Try to match up the lines in the SMTP server log with the email, don't
just look for failures.


  The only spam from that TLD were last Wednesday and I had no issues
sending the spam report to them. Friday's message doesn't show up because 1)
it came from a spoofed IP address and I don't recall what that was and b)
there's no outbound message from Friday to that TLD.

  On Sunday mornings a cron script processes all uncaught spam through
SpamAssassin and removes the storage file so I have no records of it.

  How an error is produced by a 250 2.0.0 SMTP/ESMTP code raised my
curiosity. Since it's not a really important issue the loss of the original
message (other than in the backup drive) isn't significant.

Thanks again,


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