On 4/4/2018 1:20 PM, michael wrote:
> I have a private RFC1918 network with a private DNS server on it on a
> CentOS 7 based server that can resolve Internet names as well.
> There are a bunch of Windows machines and the server hooked to a Netgear
> Nighthawk wireless router.  It points at nameservers out on
> the Internet that don't have the local names.  Short of getting the
> owner to change the Nighthawk so that it goes to the Linux server
> for names and the Linux server so that it will forward from Spectrum's
> DNS servers, how can I get host resolution to/from these Windows
> boxes locally?  When we VPN in, it would be nice to have the local
> names...  but getting the owner to change the configuration on the
> Nighthawk is asking a lot.

Not enough info to answer.  A diagram (ASCII art is fine) of the
relevant network connections and devices would be extremely helpful.

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