I'm looking at doing a server transition.  I've got disks in RAID1 arrays,
with LVM running on top. I called the volume groups vg0 on the old and new
machines.  There will be an overlap when both servers are plugged in next
to each other and I could copy the files over, but I'm thinking about just
pulling the disks out of the old server and plugging them into the new
machine as secondary disks.  I am wondering if I am going to run into
problems with the two volume group names (vg0 and vg0) being the same, but
the metadata clashing.

Any advice on, say, adding the old-server-vg0 and either merging it with
new-server-vg0 or addressing it with a different volume group name, say
vg1, so I can address it sanely.  I am not sure if the volume group name is
baked into the on-disk metadata.

Thanks for clues!

Russell Senior, President
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