Nobody at my company has MSDN access or MSCE training. I'm a Linux programmer, not a Windows programmer.

My question is this, in an environment where you have MS-DFS shares and can't connect to them from Linux and there is probably Active Directory as well, can you instead provide a samba share with: a workgroup, a username, and a password? To make this more acceptable, let the customer set: the workgroup, the username, the password, and the share name. The customer will have to figure out how to sync files, but I have no idea how else to address this. I'm thinking powershell scripting on the Windows server to do an rsync or something similar from the MS-DFS share to the Samba share every say two minutes. This company cannot wait for a solution from the Samba community that fixes Samba and MS-DFS integration. A solution could be found today, or five years from now. The company needs to sell product yesterday. I'm in a difficult spot because the company is financially in trouble.

The company has really awful C/C++ code that uses opencv to auto calibrate essentially. Reading the code is totally uninformative. I haven't formally studied computer vision. Solving this problem of auto calibrate not working is worth more than MS-DFS integration. The code has horribly uninformative variable names, it is needlessly threaded, and it is totally undocumented. I think we tweaked some constants and got reasonable results once, but there's no rhyme or reason to what those constants should be.
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