On Thu, 12 Apr 2018 14:02:09 -0700
Michael Dexter <dex...@ambidexter.com> dijo:

>I have submitted an application for a PLUG booth at OSCON.
>Fingers crossed and as per tradition, it would be great to have a 
>handful of volunteers who can staff a booth at various times during
>the Expo Hall days.

I volunteer to be the main man for booth staffing. In the past this
worked out well because there would always be a PLUG person wandering
by now and then and willing to give me a break for lunch and such. And
sometimes there would be two of us to man the booth for a while.

>It may also be time to update the flier... Hint hint.

The flier is on my computer and I can easily update it. If anyone has
suggestions for changes, speak up!

I can't attach it here, but I'd be happy to upload a PDF of it
someplace, if someone can suggest a good place.
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