Compiz has it's funnies but I have been using it for so long and I do like
all of the effects that
it allows, so I continue to use it. Glad that you were able to resolve your
issues there.

On Fri, Aug 10, 2018 at 11:36 PM Dick Steffens <>

> On 08/10/2018 07:05 PM, Chuck Hast wrote:
> > I am running Ubuntu Mate 18.04. But I am using Compiz, I do not see what
> > you are seeing,
> > you might try running under Compiz and see what happens.
> I've been on the Ubuntu MATE Community site for the last couple of days.
> A fellow there had me describe some things, and then he described some
> things from his installation. What we discovered is that I may have
> uncovered a bug in Marco, the default window manager. He was asking me
> about a "reset Compiz" button in the MATE tweak tool, which I didn't
> see, because it doesn't show up if Compiz is not selected. I guessed
> that might be the case and tried switching to Compiz. The button showed
> up. I ran my test and found that the problem had gone away.
> During those couple of days I tried some tests and learned another
> detail. Under Marco, if no other LibreOffice file is open, then when I
> open a .doc or .xls file, focus switches to that file. But, if I already
> have .doc or .xls files open in LibreOffice, then focus does not switch.
> The fellow helping me thinks that's a bug in Marco. So, maybe I've done
> my "duty" to the MATE team by finding something obscure. I suppose I
> should go back and find a way to report it just in case a developer
> isn't looking at the stuff I posted.
> Anyway, I recall from several years ago that there was something in
> Compiz I didn't care for. I don't recall what that was, but I'm hoping
> it was something dependent on more processing speed or memory and it
> won't show up now. In any case, I'll be working with Compiz for now, and
> I might be able to call this one fixed.
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> Dick Steffens
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