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Rich Shepard <rshep...@appl-ecosys.com> dijo:

>On Wed, 25 Mar 2020, Erik Lane wrote:
>> You can fully participate in a Zoom call by telephone. You don't
>> need a webcam to ask questions. If there's video, of course you
>> would need a computer running for that, but dial-in works for both
>> listening and talking, just like any teleconference service.
>D'oh! Of course. Too many distractions when I wrote that response.

My telephone is ancient, and I dislike using it. And no, a new phone
would be even worse - it's the new features that I hate. So I would
much prefer to do it all on my desktop computer. It might be easiest to
use a browser - Chromium or Firefox, which play videos with sound just
fine. I have several old microphones that I can plug into the desktop,
but I'm unclear how I would make the browser pick up the microphone and
then have the presenter know that I have my hand up to ask a question.

For me, live audience interaction is fundamental to the 'group' thing.
Would the presenter be able to see the audience, perhaps as small
squares on a monitor? If I was presenting I'd want to be able to see my

Maybe I just need to wait until April 2 when we can actually do a
virtual PLUG meeting. In fact, a good topic for April 2 might be 'How
to run an effective video meeting on Linux.'
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