On 09/17/2016 09:39 AM, Andy Bradford wrote:
> Thus said Michael Torrie on Fri, 16 Sep 2016 20:46:33 -0600:
>> Good heavens I  must be losing my  mind, starting a new  thread with a
>> reply. Apologies! Maybe I can blame it on Windows 10 somehow.
> Maybe, maybe  not, your email  headers say you  were using Linux  at the
> time you started  this thread. Not only  that, but I also  don't see any
> References or In-Reply-To  headers, so are you sure you  started the new
> thread with a reply? What lead you to believe that you did?

Yeah I was joking about Windows.  As for the threading, Thunderbird is
showing my new post as a reply to the "Entry level events" thread.  If
it's not, great!

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