2006-05-21 04:30:16.5862 AsyncHTTP: Headers read. code: 400 status: Bad Request

Oh, I should have asked you about the slimserver version you're using. I guess it's 6.2.x. There's a bug even in the final 6.2.2. But it has been fixed, without creating a new build.

Can't tell, it's not an X box, just a minimal Centos install running
inside VMware... Closest I can get:

You're lucky, then. Windows would have been harder to fix. If you want to stay on 6.2.2 (no problem for me), just download the latest version of AsyncHTTP.pm (http://tinyurl.com/hwbuc) and save it in your Slim/Networking folder. Restart slimserver.

If you're on something >6.2.2, please update to the latest trunk/branch version.

Thanks for your help... shame they don't advertise a proper interface,

They do. I thought MSN uses their database, too. But I never got an answer when I asked for information about how to access it from an open source product :-(. I think it's their business model: change the layout often to prevent people like me from scraping the site, and ask big players for good money. If you do more than a few requests per minute, you're locked out. This happened to me all the time while developping. Luckily enough I get a new IP address every time I re-connect my ADSL rounter...



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