OK few things I hadn't thought of there.  To clarify - the error
messages are from 1.5.3 not from 1.4.10.  1.4.10 never gives the 410 and
never exhibits the problem.  This behaviour started with 1.5.2 and is
also there in 1.5.3.  The RPI is without RTC.  There are 3 radios.  I'm
in the UK SW.

The 410 error is part of the delay preset problem.  On 11-Feb-17
11:03:51 am, the radio was taken out of standby.  This is done using the
preset.  The radio actually wanted to go back to 10 Feb 2017 19:35:53
GMT.  It was put into standby at 19:35 the day before.   It can't go
back to that time (nor do I want it to!) hence the error in the log and
the message on the screen to say it is in delay mode with lots of
minutes delay (3 hrs).  I guess the BBC streaming team will also be
seeing these requests for times that no longer exist.  This doesn't
always happen...  sometimes taking the radio out of standby in this way
does not produce the error.  

In version 1.4.10 - simply going into standby and then out at some other
time takes you straight to the live stream - no delay.  So something is
different on the RPI (without RTC) between 1.4.10 and the newer

The preset is a button on the radio - the url in the LMS for that button
- URL:
* * text: BBC Radio 4

Perhaps there is something wrong with that preset format?  Is this the

On this message:

[17-02-14 20:59:45.0578] main::init (384) Starting Logitech Media Server
(v7.9.0, 1461959934, Fri Apr 29 20:36:57 UTC 2016) perl 5.014002 -
[17-02-15 00:21:14.4710] Plugins::BBCiPlayer::iPlayer::getMetadataFor
(543) Invalid estimated delay 11354 streamtime=1487106720
[17-02-15 00:21:14.4790] Plugins::BBCiPlayer::iPlayer::getMetadataFor
(543) Invalid estimated delay 11354 streamtime=1487106720

Nothing was activated on a radio as far as know it just appeared.  I can
reload 1.5.3 again, to see if I can replicate.

Problem for me is to move to 1.5.2 or 3 gives this strange problem with
the radios.  It happens virtually every day - as soon as you come out of
standby, which if you don't spot means you are listening to something
for up to 3 hrs old! and must be confusing for anyone at the BBC looking
at the error requests from squeezebox dash streams asking for audio that
is way past 3 hrs old.  Hope this makes some sense and thanks for all
the work you do on this for us!

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