I had this issue a while back. After a bit of web searching I found a
stack of IP addresses that Spotify uses, so many that I'm not convinced
that the setting now provides any security. However, for what it's worth
my Allowed IP Addresses now has the list below & Spotify works ok (now
with Michael's new Spotty plugin)


192.168.1.*,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,78.31.*.*,193.182.*.*, 194.68.*.*

RaspberryPi3 server running Raspbian & LMS 7.9, USB hard drive
Lounge - Transporter with -10dB internal attenuation, P2 running
Squeezelite, Linn LP12/Ekos/Troika, Naim NAC102, Linn Tunebox crossover,
4 x Naim NAP250 power amps, Linn Keltik active isobarik speakers
Office - Squeezebox Boom
Kitchen - Squeezebox Boom
Sunroom - Squeezebox Boom
Bedroom - Squeezebox Radio x2
Dining Room - SB3 & small computer speakers
No 2 daughter's room - Squeezebox Duet Receiver
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