First of all thanks to everyone who is doing the work to keep my system
going in the ever changing world of music streaming.
Now the tech question. I cannot get the new Mixcloud plugin to work on
my Boom player or SqueezePlay app. Works fine on my Touch.
"Problem:Unable to play file type..." 
LMS v 7.7.5 Window machine
LMS v 7.9.0 Debian Raspberry Pi
Note: Neither Windows LMS and Debian LMS work to play Mixcloud on the
two devices mentioned (all other plugins work on both systems connect to
the Boom and Squeezeplay) 
And as I said, the Touch players runs Mixcloud  and everything else from
both flavors of LMS.
Boom Firmware 57
SqueezePlay 7.8.0-r719
Mixcloud plugin v0.1.2

Is there hope to get my Boom to play Mixcloud tracks?


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