bpa wrote: 
> If it plays OK on Touch (and hopefully also on squeezelite)  then it
> means the transcode rule is not working or not setup.
> Can you play any plain AAC streams on Boom ?
> Try the following:  http://www.somafm.com/illstreet64.pls
> What are the MPEG-4 settings shown in  WebUI Settings/Advanced/Filetypes

Here is what I found
For WebUI Settings/Advanced/Filetype
For MPEG-4
AAC   NAtive
FLAC  faad/flac
MP3   faad/lame
PCM   faad

Boom will play the somafm stream.
Boom will play a m4a file from my music folder.
Boom and squeezelite will still not play the Mixcloud stream
This is my example

Hope there are some clues here

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