mherger wrote: 
> > just installed 2.1.3 of the plugin. But when I configure it, I see the
> > following:
> I just pushed out a change which might have been causing this issue 
> (though I don't understand, as I've been using that changed code all the
> time...). Could you please give 2.1.4 another try? Thanks!
> -- 
> -- 
> Michael

Ok, now it starts. Problem: can't authorize. When I put user/pw of my
premium account and I hit apply, it says "Authorization failed".

On my spotify windows client, in the spotify connect device list, I
already see my 2 squeezeboxes available, it doesn't ask me to authorize
(probably because in the past I already authorized LMS).
When I exceute the Spotty app on the SB player, it says "Spotify
Credentials missing. Please check advanced settings..."

I'm sure that user/pw are correct, already tried logging into spotify
via browser.

Any advice?

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