Is there a definitive list of what the Qobuz plugin does, operationally
I know it does not manage playlists but there seems to be marked
differences between the way i control playback from my stored music
library and playlists and tracks via Qobuz.

For example it seems that in the Qobuz plugin;

The playing progress bar displays but you cannot slide the marker along
to advance a track.

The >>| option will only restart the current track, not move on to the

Selecting a track is only possible by holding a finger on the title and
then choosing an option from “Play Now / Play Next etc (a single tap on
a track title plays that track straight away when using my stored
library in the usual way).

Do i have this right ? Are there other differences i have yet to
discover ?

A summary would be REALLY helpful as it would stop me trying to fix
‘faults’ that may just be features of the plugin software.


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