mherger wrote: 
> > Michael, are you aware of the recent issue I posted about a few times
> > with the Android Spotify app and Spotty Connect?
> Yes, I certainly am. How could I have missed your repeated posts :-P?
> Isn't the issue fixed with the latest revision? Did you force quit those
> Spotify apps and try again?
> -- 
> MichaelI have now tried 2.1.7 with the same result.

Another observation.

If I start playing an album on a Squeezebox the first track appears in
the now playing screen in the Spotify app and the track timer bar moves
through the track.

At the end of the first track the Squeezebox plays the second track but
the now playing screen in the app remains on the first track.

If I tap next track in the app the Squeezebox plays the third track and
now playing screen in the app changes to the second track.

It behaves as if the app communicates with LMS but LMS does not send
info back to the app.

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