mherger wrote: 
> From you screenshot I must assume that Spotty is configured correctly.
> There's a radio showing up in the player list.
> So my question is: how does it fail at all? You say it fails. But you
> don't say what "it" is. What are you trying? What are you expecting? And
> what do you get? Error messages? Noise? Poor music?

Thanks Michael for your help!

First of all - I changed to 7.9.1 ! What makes - as expected - no

I tried - as described - to connect me:
1. Playing a tune via spotify App on my phone
2. Changing to the screen "Mit einem Gerät verbinden"
3. selecting

a. "Spotify Anmeldung (LMS@volumio)"
App tries to connect ("Verbindung wird hergestellt") a couple of seconds
(10 - 15) but nothing happens!
b. with "Squeezebox Radio"
App tries to connect a couple of seconds - nothing happens!
c. via Web-UI with editing my spotify credentials
Instantly reply: "Anmeldung fehlgeschlagen"

So, I hope my rough statement: "nothing works" has become a bit clearer


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