Squeeze4Ever wrote: 
> Hi Philippe,
> thx for the quick answer.
> Oke, partly i understand the behavior.
> But my description was not worded correctly. Which I do not understand
> is, why all titles from the plugin search result list (when i play one
> title) copied into the "recently played" folder from your plugin.
> In the recently played folder normally should only tracks which i played
> once. Or not? That was the old behavior which makes sense from my
> opinion.
> Now i must always must search each title again.
> This has nothing to do with the playlist (sorry, my thread before was
> not correctly)
> For control of my Devices i use SquezzeCtrl and/or Squeezecommander. 
> regards
> Oli

I understand better, but I think it's still related. When you press
"play" on one item from a controller, with some of defeat TTP settings,
the whole list is pushed to the player, hence the "recently played" is
now that full playlist - remember that 'recently played' does not mean
*actually* played from the playlist, but it means "what was put in the
playlist", whether it was played or not.

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