svensonso wrote: 
> I have an issue since 2 days running LMS on PI3 (max2play). Spotty on
> Squeeze Control works perfect but using the Spotify App I can see the
> Squeezebox receiver but once I press the button to switch to it music
> stops on my phone and the receiver disapears from the list. I tested on
> severall android phone and on the Win10 Spotify App it is all the same.
> I didn't change any settings etc.. I reinstalled LMS, still the same
> issues. Anyone any clue what is going on? I need to say I'm not an
> expert on linux and dependend that it works out of the box what it did
> until the day before yesterday and I really like the spotify direct
> option.

This is an issue introduced by some recent change on Spotify's end. See
my previous postings: you could install my test Spotty Helper
Application plugin to see whether this issue is fixed for you.

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