I've been having a strange problem with my Boom for a while.
I have a Squeezebox Classic, 2 Radios and Squeezeplay.  They are all on
the same network attached my the same local SqueezeServer.  They all
handle Slacker just fine.
The Boom on the other hand can navigate the Slacker interface.  I can
see all of my personal stations and select something.  The song loads
correctly, tries to play and then stops after 5-20 seconds.
Sometimes it will try again with another song.  In any case, for the
Boom only, Slacker isn't working for me.  Has anyone else seen this?  Is
there anyway I can debug what is going on here?

I am running LMS 7.9.1 - 1519287262 on Windows 10.  The Boom is running
firmware 57.

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