ralphy wrote: 
> I haven't tested WASAPI in squeezelite for a long time as I don't use
> the squeezelite windows builds anymore but there is a 'windows 10 WASAPI
> fix to the portaudio library'
> (https://assembla.com/code/portaudio/git/merge_requests/4995123).
> I've uploaded 'a build with the WASAPI portaudio change'
> (https://sourceforge.net/projects/lmsclients/files/squeezelite/windows/squeezelite-1.8.7-1052-win10wasapifix.zip/download)
> to test. There are no squeezelite changes in this build only a newer
> portaudio library.

I tried the new version of squeezelite-win with the portaudio library
update.  I ran it standalone and WASAPI didn't work for me.  Log says
device is invalid.


So I am not sure what the issue is.  In my case I have my audio going
through my DisplayPort interface to monitor.  WASAPI doesn't work but
Windows DirectSound does work and it sounds great to me.  I don't know
what is going on with WASAPI.

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