mherger wrote: 
> > Unplugging the Touch and skipping from the Web UI gives the same
> result,
> > the playing song pauses every time I wake the phone after having
> > skipped.
> I think even letting it play, changing to the next track etc. would 
> cause this behaviour. I think I have something to share later today.
> -- 
> Michael

For me the skipping seems to be crucial, if I just let it play and
change to the next track by itself the song won't pause if I wake the
screen... When testing this out I experienced another weird thing: When
the first track I played to try to let it change track without skipping
I was viewing the progress bar at the end of the song when it suddenly
froze, precisely when it was about to make the change - and it didn't
pause, it just froze. And after that the Squeezelite had disappeared as
a selectable device in the Android Spotify app. I had to reboot the
server to make it appear again.

(the reboot happened at around 16:49:13 in the log - there's a 20 minute
lapse between the freezing and the reboot)

|Filename: server.log (1).zip                                       |


Windows 10
LMS 7.9.1
Local Player Plugin (Squeezelite)
Intel Compute Stick
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