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> I run squeezelite on some small single board systems (CHIP $9
> computers), mostly connected to reasonably good powered PC speakers.
> One set of speakers, however, has a consistent imbalance between left
> and right.  I'd normally just use alsamixer to adjust the left/right
> balance, but for some reason on the CHIP boards alsamixer doesn't expose
> separate left/right controls -- the channels are always controlled
> together.  I've asked on the CHIP forum about that, but in case the
> answer comes back as "sorry" (and it might, given the state of CHIP
> development), I'm looking for a different way.
> What gives me hope for squeezelite is its resampling capability, which
> is apparently based on sox (I think).  Is it possible to use that
> mechanism to "resample" into the same sampling parameters, while
> reducing the level of just one channel?
> Can this be done?  Pointers on how I might get started?  While I'm
> skilled in a lot of areas, digital audio is not my strong suit.
> paul
Balance should not be done in the software. You have powered speakers.
Why don't you turn the volume a little down, on the one which play with
the highest volume ??

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